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DENVER, CO. MAY 29, 2009––Lakers from left, Luke Walton, Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom cele

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Lamar Odom has slowly been revealing more and more about the dark days in his life that lead to his 2015 near-death overdose. While most people want to blame the Kardashians, Odom is actually calling out the Lakers for sending him into a downward spiral.

According to Yahoo Sports, L.O. said that he believes his 2011 trade from the Los Angeles Lakers to the Dallas Mavericks is what ultimately put him in a bad place. “That trade from the Lakers basically ended my career and purpose. I was never really myself ever again. Being in L.A., the structure, the people I knew, it hurt leaving,” he said.”I had great memories with the Lakers. That was a special time in my life.”

Odom continued, “I got traded the season after we lost to Dallas in the playoffs, and I had won Sixth Man of the Year for the team. To trade me after winning Sixth Man of the Year … what else do I got to do? Why? I think about it all the time, about how much I had left in the tank.” Since leaving the team in 2011, his life went on a downward spiral for all the world to see.

As his marriage to Khloé Kardashian deteriorated, so did his health. He had a near-fatal drug overdose in 2015 that forced the star  to have to learn to walk and talk again. As for his life now, Odom says he’s working on his body, family and professional life. The former NBA player is currently working on two upcoming reality television projects under his Black Pyramid Productions, and a tell-all book for 2018.

It’s nice to see Odom getting back happy and healthy. And judging by his recent honest and open interviews, his memoir will be a page turner. As for the Lakers rumor has it team members felt like him being a reality star was a “distraction.” After Kobe Bryant’s press conference-worthy scandal and Nick Young’s locker room talk, it’s hard to believe that a few paparazzi following Odom around could’ve been that big of a deal.

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