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One aspect of today’s hip-hop landscape that has greatly changed is the openness artists now have when discussing  their personal struggles, including talking about mental health. More rappers are opening up about the same struggles that many of the people who listen to them face. In dealing with my own mental health, I’ve often looked to music as a refuge, a place where I can exist with no worry and no fear of judgement while allowing myself to drift away to happier times. Since turning 30, I’ve learned the importance of curating a safe space for myself. If I don’t make sure I’m in the best place, I can’t help anyone else reach theirs.

Miami rapper Sylvan Lacue’s new single “Selfish” is a perfect example of that realization. Lacue, who created a cult following with his past projects Searching Sylvan and Far From Familiar, gives us this new track from his upcoming project, Apologies in Advance, which is due to drop later this year. Lacue says the song “came from a ‘lesson learned’ place. I had to realize that there’s great power in being selfish and taking time for yourself. Being selfish allowed me to begin to take care of myself so I can take care of others accordingly.”

It’s that type of emotional freedom that allows fans to truly align with their favorite artists and their songs, and Sylvan Lacue is fine with that, as long as he can be “Selfish” in the process.