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He Shoots, She Scores creative

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Sports. Fans live them, breathe them, and get into slugfests in stadiums over them.  

A day in the office after game night finds Team CASSIUS dissecting the games on the court, on the field, and in the ring… and sometimes in hilarious ways. Our inaugural sports podcast, He Shoots, She Scores… With a Side of Beanz introduces three CASSIUS team members— Deputy Editor Jada Gomez, Mens & Lifestyle Editor Bruce Goodwin, and photographer Bernard Smalls— who battle out team allegiances and fantasy stats, and laugh out the rest.

In the first episode, we tackle NFL protests looming over the newly kicked off season, why Lavar Ball is making it ridiculously hard for his NBA rookie son Lonzo to flourish with realistic stats, and who really earned a rightful place on the NBA Mount Rushmore.

Before checking out the episode on Bumpers below, we stand with ESPN’s Jemele Hill. Speak your truth. Press play below, and check us out every Friday morning for new fresh takes.