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Miley Cyrus and Obama

Source: iOneDigital / creative services

Remember Miley Cyrus? You know, the uninspiring blob of human sugar cookie dough that had the good fortune to be born to the guy who sang “Achy Breaky Heart?” The one who took an extended vacation from Caucasian-ing to smoke weed with rappers and ruin twerking for a few months before running back to her ‘Murrica-roots as MAGA madness exploded (pure coincidence, of course)?

Well, she’s back-ish, apparently. The 24-year-old singer vulture, who is only outmatched in insufferableness by the girl Kanye West made famous at the 2009 VMAs, posted an Instagram photo with President Barack Obama’s image to promote her new album.

Hannah Montana, please. You dabbled in hip-hop culture for like, eight minutes and then went crying to Billboard about how that wasn’t really you, and…

Yeah. Not with it. Just stop.