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Netflix has been regarded as a venue for ground-breaking movies, shows, and other forms of content for the last couple of years, and the streaming service has been known to experiment with projects that frankly wouldn’t ever make it to network television. One of its newest shows in that vein is Neo Yokio.

In what many call “A Twitter idea come to life,” Neo Yokio brings a new look in modern-day millennial television, with Japanese anime influences and hip-hop culture inspirations. Written by indie rock-band Vampire Weekend lead singer Ezra Koenig and starring Jaden Smith, podcasters-turned-comedy skit show hosts Desus and Mero, and legendary actors Susan Sarandon and Jude Law, the show has caught the interest of both diehard anime fans and binge watchers alike.

The events of the show unfold in a futuristic version of New York’s Upper East Side that’s half underwater and is constantly under attack by demons. Smith plays Kaz Kaan, the hero who works as a demon exterminator with his Aunt Agatha (played by Sarandon). We follow Kaan’s life as he hangs with his friends, fights monsters, and squares up against his arch rival to decide who is Neo Yokio’s biggest bachelor (yes, this is a real theme in the show). In creating the project, Koenig partnered with legendary anime house Production IG and Studio Deen, as well as famed director Kazuhiro Furuhashi, to ensure an authentic experience.

The show is live now on Netflix. Check out the trailer above.