Pittsburgh v Penn State

Source: Justin K. Aller / Getty

In sad and desperate times, we’re grateful for stories like these that give us hope.

Kacie and Zack are both students at Penn State University. They met through a program called Lifelink, which helps students in the special education program engage in academics at the school. They are currently taking a walking unit together.

Kacie told BuzzFeed News that Zack loves the student athletes on campus and makes a point of waving at each one he sees as they walk around the campus. Last month, they passed football player Torrence Brown and when Zack said hi, Torrence stopped to give him a handshake.

“Ever since then, Torrence has made sure that if he saw Zach he stopped to talk to him,” Kacie said.

Sadly, Torrence got injured in a game two weeks ago and has a bad knee injury. He’s been in an electric wheelchair ever since. When Zack saw his new friend hurting, he jumped at the opportunity to do something to make him feel better. He decided to give Torrence a “get well soon” package with a bag of cookies homemade by Kacie’s mom.

“Torrence loved it,” Kacie said. “It was amazing. This is Zack’s everyday personality. He’s such a sweetheart and would do anything for anybody.”

Torrence even stood up on his scooter to give Zack a proper thank you hug.

Later that day, Torrence retweeted Kacie and so did the rest of the Penn State coaches and sports stars, which Kacie said was Zack’s biggest highlight.

Shout out to Torrence and especially to Zack—in a hard time, y’all make the world a better place.