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Episode 4:44, and we’ve got some great news for these New Yorker hosts… the Yanks are in the playoffs! To celebrate the momentous occasion, we’ve welcomed newly-minted fan Barbara Gonzalez, our Associate Culture Editor, who found herself at that epic wildcard game that put the New York Yankees over the Minnesota Twins, with an 8-4 win.

In addition to a spirited baseball roundup, Bruce, Beanz, and J talked LaVar’s grandiose plans for his baller son, the NBA’s rising protests, and saluted the great Pelé, whose retirement game 40 years ago helped spread soccer mania in the States.

Post- recording, Cam Newton made a sexist remark to a reporter that resulted in a loss of his Dannon endorsement. As an anchor of He Shoots, She Scores… and a sports fan since birth, I’ve dealt with micro-aggressions when it comes to my sports knowledge. As a fan who’s supported Newton for years, I do hope that his apology is a sincere one, and lessons are learned.

It takes heart to be a woman in the sports world, whether fan, athlete, or journalist. But we’re not going anywhere.

Check out this week’s episode down below.