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Blockbuster Video pop-up for Deadpool 2

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The last Blockbuster standing became somewhat of an unexpected tourist attraction over the past couple of years — and now it’s available for rent for a select few dates.

Located in Bend, Oregon, the store is still operational, but to keep it open the managers have had to get creative. Now, ’90s lovers can spend the night in the’90s-themed Airbnb.

“Since 2004, store manager (and would-be superhost), Sandi Harding, has run the operation in the spirit of the time when Blockbuster stores and their laminated rental cards and late fees were part of the cultural vernacular, when everyone was encouraged to “Make it a Blockbuster night! This limited overnight experience is part thank you to residents of Deschutes County for keeping the last Blockbuster alive and kicking — and a way to let people outside central Oregon know it’s there and needs support to keep things humming like 1994,” CNN states.

So what can you expect if you rent the spot out for the night, exactly? Welp, you’re going to be completely transported back into the early ’90s, of course.

“The store is going full ’90s with this overnight — including creating a living room within the store, with decor from the decade, a gigantic era-appropriate television, a VCR and all the store’s VHS tapes to choose from to complete the mise en scene,” CNN adds.

“With everybody being stuck at home and re-experiencing family time together, we thought it would be fun to enjoy some family time in a throwback ’90s environment,” Harding says, with the site adding “The rental allows up to four people, and encourages groups to be from the same household to easily adhere to Airbnb, CDC and local authority Covid-19 protocols and guidelines. The space is available for three individual, one-night reservations on September 18, 19 and 20; booking is open on August 17.”

It seems only Deschutes County residents can rent the space (sorry friends), but click here for pics of what the rest of us are missing out on.