Rap music has always faced an ugly perspective in modern society. While lyrics seem to proclaim lofty dreams (and in some cases, harsh realities) of money and fame, it often comes at the expense of women everywhere. As the popular hits that are dominating the radio waves and internet streaming services still refer to women as “bitches,” “hoes,” and “sluts,” we’ve started to see more artists themselves speak out against it.

British rapper Loyle Carner took things a step further while performing a date on his current U.K. headlining tour. While at a show at the University of East Anglia, he heard a fan make sexist comments about his tour’s supporting act, Elisa & Srigala. Carner paused the show and had the fan kicked out, saying , “I’m sorry, man. You gotta learn a lesson, my young man. You gotta go. For being sexist, you gotta go.”

When reports of what happened at the show emerged, Carner stood by his decision on Twitter, and gave an update on the offending fan.

Much props to Carner for taking that stance. If you’re in the U.K., be sure to check out the remaining dates of his tour, and Check out his freestyle with legendary British DJ Charlie Sloth in his famous “Fire in the Booth” series below.