Released in 1983, Scarface—the legendary film about fictional drug kingpin Tony Montana— tells the story of a Cuban immigrant who arrives in Miami during the early 80’s at the height of the cocaine boom. Depicting Montana’s rise and demise, the gritty film captivated legions of fans and rose to cult classic status. In the decades that followed, the movie has been referenced extensively in hip-hop, with even Future’s smash hit “Tony Montana”, showing the movie some millennial love.

On the heels of its recent Williamsburg store launch in NY, Supreme has decided to honor the classic with a new release. Featuring iconic quotes and original imagery from the film, the Supreme x Scarface collection includes a leather jacket, sweater, hockey jersey, two hooded sweatshirts, four graphic tees, a beanie, two skateboard decks and a tricked out desk lamp.

Select pieces will be available online and at Manhattan, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, London and Paris Supreme stores beginning tomorrow, October 12, and in Japan on October 14.

Check out the full collection below.

Supreme x Scarface
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