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Source: Bernard Smalls / iOne

Major is a prime example of someone who benefited from an epic event like Blitz. He was once a songwriter for artists like Ariana Grande, Amber Riley and JoJo, but the Houston native always had a desire to be on stage. At last year’s Blitz, he made his debut as a singer. The rest, people, is R&B history.

We caught up with Major on the red carpet  and he gave some deep reflections, “I love the platform that Blitz provides for artists on the come up — as well as artists that are doing their thing. Last year was my debut to the main stage of the industry. I’ve been serving a lot of artists, writing for a lot of artists and finally got my opportunity to do what I’m doing and I presented my single ‘This Is Why I Love You.’” Of course Major had to hit a few notes for us!

Tonight, he will perform again and we have no doubt he will sing his heart out. Check out our exclusive one-on-one with Major above.