While Radio One’s annual showcase The Blitz puts the spotlight on up-and-coming talent, superstars like Waka Flocka are definitely in the building as well. The rapper prepared us for a killer set by saying he is going to bring “some serious, fun sh*t. Some ghetto ass sh*t.” Then, he cleaned it up a bit and added, “Not even ghetto, just Flockaveli!” It’s all good, Waka. We like it ratchet, too!

Waka also explained the reason why he came to Blitz 2017 was to support the new artists. “I wanna be with the newbies, bro. Because at the end of the day, what’s a newbie?” Very true: many of the “newbies” at Blitz have been grinding for years. The music showcase is their time to open themselves up to the world.

To see how Waka compared himself to Kobe Bryant and details on Flockaveli 2, watch the video above.