Cassius Life Featured Video

Young Dra is another artist who is on the grind and rocking the Blitz stage for the very first time. The rapper was seriously excited about being at the event when we caught up with him on the red carpet: “Any opportunity to perform is special for any artist. You gotta be grateful for any opportunity to get your face out there so I’m just blessed to be here,” he says. Way to stay humble, Dra.

Dra also gave some details on what we can expect from his upcoming music. He didn’t hold any punches on the current state of hip hop and how he wants to make a change: “My new project is called No Junk Food, and basically for my age group, I’m  20, so you know, a lot of people in my age group, they not doing hip hop. They  not doing bars for bars, they not doing metaphors, flows and things like that. I’m taking they style, they little mumble rap joint and putting hip hop to it. I want to bring hip hop back.” Word.

Watch the video above to see Young Dra’s full interview.