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Delonte West On The Road To Recovery At Detox Center

Source: Fort Worth Star-Telegram / Getty

Finally, some more good news when it comes to Delonte West.


Back in September, a disturbing photo of West hit Twitter timelines showing him begging for money. Fans immediately began to ask where is the NBA or his family to step in to help him? It was revealed Doc Rivers and former teammate St. Joseph teammate Jameer Nelson was trying to reach out to him.

Days later, it was confirmed that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban swooped in a literally picked up West at a Texas gas station and to a local hotel where his family game-planned the next steps. TMZ Sports is now reporting that West is “doing okay” at a detox center.

Per TMZ Sports:

The celebrity gossip site is also reporting that once the detox phase is completed, West will be moved to continue his treatment, which will shift the focus to his mental health and long-term sobriety programs to ensure he stays on the right track. If needed, he will also have help from Darryl Strawberry, who offered to help West stay clean, being that he also battled substance abuse issues.

Photo: Fort Worth Star-Telegram / Getty