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After LeBron James Won The NBA Finals, Twitter Prayed For Bronny

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Sunday night (Oct.11), LeBron James and his Los Angeles Lakers secured their 17th NBA championship. While many people were celebrating, some folks on Twitter hilariously shifted their focus onto James’ son, Bronny.


LeBron’s time in the bubble is up, and he is packing up all of his kicks and putting the Larry O’Brien trophy back in its Louis Vuitton luggage case and heading back to California. That should be a great thing for his family, who hasn’t seen the head of the James gang in three months. Well, everyone except for Bronny according to social media.

Back in September, Bronny became a victim of what every young teenager seems to do on social media, and that is sharing too damn much of what is going on. He “accidentally” posted a video of him experimenting with marijuana, a substance that is no longer seen in the once highly negative light it used to be. He quickly removed the video from his Instagram Stories, but, of course, it was already too late, and social media got its hands on it. At the time, his dad was handling business against the Denver Nuggets, but social media was already telling the young teenager to wait till his father gets home.

That day is quickly is approaching now that the NBA’s successful bubble has wrapped up, and the jokes began to immediately fly once Bron, Anthony Davis, and the Lakers gang handled their business for Kobe. Exhibiting no chill whatsoever, social media had the memes ready, forecasting an ass-whooping of epic proportions for Bronny.


We are sure that Bron has probably already had a talk with his son, and let’s not forget the Bronny’s mom, Savannah, don’t play either and handled the disciplining while King James was working on winning a chip.

Bronny has nothing to fear, but these jokes, though, they still gonna fly. You can peep more reactions in the gallery below.

Social Media Thinks Bronny’s Days Are Numbered After His Dad, LeBron James Won The NBA Finals
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