LeBron James has been shouting from atop the Crypto.com Arena that he wants to play alongside his son Bronny. Bronny James? Not so much. The media doesn’t hear from the eldest James kid often, but as part of the NBA Draft combine, people have gotten a chance to hear from the king’s second coming and […]

While Bronny James‘ basketball future is still in the air, he’s been cleared to play for the NBA if he chooses to enter the 2024 draft. ESPN reports that the USC guard underwent medical testing as part of the NBA’s Fitness to Play Panel, which includes three physicians’ approval. With medical clearance out of the […]

Once the 2024-25 NBA season begins, there may be two LeBron James‘ in the NBA. But in a rare move, the rumors that Bronny will be entering the transfer portal have also been proven. Bronny took to his Instagram with a major announcement, citing his roller coaster of a year—from a health scare to playing […]

Bronny James‘ first season as a USC Trojan didn’t exactly go as planned, and it might be time for change. At least that’s what Dick Weiss of the NY Daily News tweeted out Wednesday afternoon concerning Bronny’s future at the University of Southern California. “USC freshman guard Bronny James is entering the transfer portal. good […]

Despite LeBron James’ pleas to let Bronny James be a kid and enjoy his fleeting time as a college athlete, fans are still concerned about his NBA future. And it’s not just fans wondering how his game will progress once he goes pro; NBA execs are also aware that drafting him earns them a chance […]

LeBron James is usually one to tout his son Bronny’s basketball ability, but he’s had an about-face following some changes in his NBA future. Bronny’s only in his first year at USC, averaging just 5.5 points, 2.5 assists, and 2.8 rebounds, so ESPN updated its 2024 NBA mock draft projections to reflect his performance. He’s […]

The Los Angeles Lakers have gotten off to a rough start this season, but they appear to be turning things around. They’re finally back to .500, but it seems like the team’s leader, LeBron James had more important things to do after defeating former teammate Kyrie Irving. The Lakers easily routed the Dallas Mavericks 127-110, as […]

All fathers believe their children can do great things. But when your father is LeBron James, the expectations can be immense. That is the case for Bronny James, or as he was born, LeBron James, Jr. LeBron has claimed his rightful place as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. While Bronny is […]

After collapsing on the court in July Bronny James' debut as a USC Trojan was delayed.

Nearly four months after a scary collapse, Bronny James is finally ready to return to the court. According to ESPN, the newly minted USC freshman will have a final evaluation by the university’s staff this week, and if all goes well, he’ll soon be ready to return to games. The James gang released a statement […]

It’s been a little over two months since Bronny James suffered cardiac arrest resulting from a congenital heart defect that sent him to the hospital. Now, LeBron James is finally opening up about the scary incident. Amid the Los Angeles Lakers media day, James gave a peek into Bronny’s recovery and revealed he underwent surgery. […]