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Sony Announces These Streaming Apps Will Be On PS5 On Day One

Source: Sony / PS5

Yes, the PS5 will usher in the next-generation of gaming, but it will also be used for music and movie streaming.


As we get closer to launch, Sony is sharing more information about its next-gen console, the PS5. We already know what games we can look forward to playing. Now it’s time to know how the PS5 will handle the entertainment aspect. In a blog post, Sony revealed that Disney+, Netflix, Spotify, Apple TV, Apple TV+, Twitch, and YouTube will be available on the PS5 on day one.

Other entertainment apps like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, MyCanal, Peacock, and more will arrive later.

In the announcement, Sony noted that the entertainment apps will have its own dedicated Media space located next to the Game home screen. In a recent showcase showing off the PS5’s super fast and very intuitive ner user interface, Sony states users will have the ability to quickly switch between playing a game to streaming a movie or hows on their favorite streaming service.

The PS5 console will also have a new Control Center that will make controlling your music easier than before, allowing you to quickly browse between channels and pause your music. The PS5 remote has been updated. It will now feature dedicated launch buttons for  Disney+ Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube and will allow users to quickly navigate media and power on the PS5 console.

The PS5 arrives on November 12, 2020. If you were one of the few lucky ones to secure a preorder, we are hating.

Photo: Sony / PS5