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Voter Polling Place

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We’re down to the wire in the current election, as the nation comes together to hopefully get Trump out of office.

The voter turnout this year has been unprecedented, as citizens head to the polls early to cast their vote. To make matters simpler, Google has unveiled a very important update that will assist voters in finding polling stations near them.

“This year, searches for ‘how to vote’ in the U.S. are higher than ever before. To make it easier to find information about how and where to vote—regardless of your preferred voting method—we’ve launched election-related features with information from trusted and authoritative organizations in Google Search,” the company announced via press release. “Starting today, when you go to Google Search and Maps for information on where to vote, you’ll find helpful features that show the voting locations closest to you. On Google, search for things like ‘early voting locations’ or ‘ballot drop boxes near me’ and you’ll find details on where you can vote in person or return your mail-in ballot, whether you’re voting early or on Election Day. It will also include helpful reminders, like to bring your ballot completed and sealed.”

Additionally, consumers will soon be able to simply ask Google Assistant: “Hey Google, where do I vote?”

“After you’ve selected a voting location or ballot drop box in your area, you can click through from Google Search or Google Assistant to Google Maps for quick information about how far it is, how to get there, and voting hours. Similarly, if you search for your voting location in Google Maps you’ll have easy access to the feature in Search to help you confirm where you can cast your vote,” the announcement goes on to explain, adding “The official information in this feature comes from the Voting Information Project, a partnership between Democracy Works, a nonprofit, nonpartisan civic organization, and state election officials. Through the Voting Information Project, we plan to have more than 200,000 voting locations available across the country.”

Be sure to cast your ballot if you haven’t already!