Bad Bunny x Crocs

Source: Crocs / Crocs

If you haven’t adopted Crocs as your go-to kicks for working from home… you may be the only one.

Slip-on slides were always the go-to when having to make abrupt stops at the store or grabbing your UberEats delivery from the door, but Crocs have started to swoop into some of that market share. While they have become a bit of a fashion statement as of late as people continue to dress more for comfort instead of style, the growing brand could have collaborations to thank for that.

Just recently, pop star Justin Justin Bieber connected with the brand, which was a simple yellow pair with his brand’s name, “Drew” and other pins plastered across the vamp. Bad Bunny did a similar collaboration back in September when he attached his name to an off white pair that includes a bunny and flame emoji pins to put his own spin on them.

But the sudden push in popularity isn’t just in pop culture; Crocs is seeing its pocket get a bit fatter too. In the company’s third-quarter earnings, they profited $361.7 million, which is a 15.7% increase.

Other collabs include a trio between Crocs, Grateful Dead and Chinatown Market, which feature a flashy psychedelic tie-dye pattern that Dead Heads immediately copped up, and of course Anwar Carrots’ signature orange and green pair.

What makes it most surprising is not that Crocs is gaining more traction, but that it has been able to do so in the midst of a pandemic.

“We achieved record third-quarter revenue and EPS despite the challenges presented by the global COVID-19 pandemic,” said Crocs CEO Andrew Rees. “Our extraordinary performance and strong cash flow generation demonstrates the strength of the Crocs brand and product offering globally. I am tremendously proud of how we have executed as a team and am excited for our future.”

Now, all we need is a collab with Joe Fresh Goods, whose been a champion of the brand for years.