adidas + KANYE WEST New Partnership Announcement

Source: Jonathan Leibson / Getty

Aside from Apple and Air Jordan, no product creates pandemonium like Yeezy’s.

As soon as there is a new drop, you can count on thousands of fans worldwide camping outside of stores in lines stretching across entire city blocks. Either that or they’re stalking digital waitlists for their chance to cop the latest from Mr. Kanye West. We can expect nothing different in 2020 as Yeezy prepares to release the Foam Showrunners as confirmed by the Yeezy Mafia Twitter account.


Fans responded with a bit of early critique, saying that the Foam Showrunners resembles Crocs. You remember Crocs, the shoes that for some odd reason were in style even though they looked like hospital shoes.






If there’s anything we know about Kanye, it’s that he doesn’t care about public opinion. He believes so much in his influence, that negative critique sounds less like people saying no and more like people saying “Try harder to convice me”. Only time will tell how the Foam Showrunners will be received. Until then, the internet will do what it does best. Make memes while Yeezy makes millions.