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Finally, some more good news in the journey of making COVID-19 a thing of the past.

One of the pandemic’s biggest spreaders has been the asymptomatic, unknowingly giving the virus who are more susceptible to the dangerous symptoms like those who are overweight, have diabetes, pre-existing health conditions, or are elderly. But now, thankfully, there’s been an update because the FDA has finally approved the first COVID-19 self-test kit that you can buy and use in your own home by Lucira Health.

And to make the new test even more useful, you get your results back in less than an hour after swabbing the inside of the nostrils of anyone 14 years or older. After swirling the nasal specimen into a solution, you plug the vial into a battery-operated device, which uses a light to indicate the test result within 30 minutes.

“The test works by swirling the self-collected sample swab in a vial that is then placed in the test unit. In 30 minutes or less, the results can be read directly from the test unit’s light-up display that shows whether a person is positive or negative. Positive results indicate the presence of SARS-CoV-2,” reads the statement. “Individuals with positive results should self-isolate and seek additional care from their health care provider. Individuals who test negative and experience COVID-like symptoms should follow up with their health care provider as negative results do not preclude an individual from SARS-CoV-2 infection.”

Jeff Shuren, the director of the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health, remarks that the new test will drastically affect the nation’s response to the virus and make tests way more accessible, which will help them get the proper care they need more quickly.

“Today’s authorization for a complete at-home test is a significant step toward FDA’s nationwide response to COVID-19,” explained Shuren. “A test that can be fully administered entirely outside of a lab or healthcare setting has always been a major priority for the FDA to address the pandemic. Now, more Americans who may have COVID-19 will be able to take immediate action, based on their results, to protect themselves and those around them… We look forward to proactively working with test developers to support the availability of more at-home test options.”

The most intriguing part of the at-home test is that at $50, it won’t break the bank and allows people to buy multiples to ensure everyone in their house is safe. It’s also more reliable than the rapid antigen tests, which experts warn can produce false positives. Instead, the kit will test genetic material in a similar method to the laboratory tests that have become the norm.

Still, always make sure you’re wearing a mask. Peep our list of the bet below.

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