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O.J. Simpson Granted Parole At Hearing

Source: Pool / Getty

The Juice has only been loose for a few weeks and he’s already gotten into trouble.

According to TMZ, O.J. Simpson was drinking at Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas when he was kicked out for causing a scene. Sources say he got drunk and unruly with the hotel staff and began breaking glasses.

A hotel guest spotted Simpson walking through the hotel early Thursday morning:

Hotel security removed Simpson from the premises, and now he is banned from the hotel.

Simpson has not kept a low profile since getting out of prison. The Juice was on set when a commercial was being shot at Boyz II Men’s Wanya Morris’ home in Los Angeles, taking usies with the women in the commercial. On Halloween, he decided to dress up as himself, Buffalo Bills jersey and all.

Meanwhile, some celebs are advising him to chill. Cuba Gooding, Jr., who recently played O.J. in The People v. O.J. Simpson, told him that times have changed and with everyone having high-tech phones, Simpson needs to realize that anything he says or does can be caught on camera.

The jury is still on out whether the 70-year-old former athlete violated his parole when he was thrown out of the hotel bar. But The Chicago Tribune/The Associated Press reports that according to his parole restrictions, “He is allowed to consume alcoholic beverages, ‘but not to excess.’ A test result of .08 blood-alcohol percent or higher (the legal limit for driving in Nevada) is proof of drinking to excess.” The article adds that he is “required to submit a blood or breath test for drugs and or alcohol any time the parole and probation division demands it.”