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Afropunk Festival Portraits, August 22-23, 2015

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t the close of another year in pop culture, there is always one burning Q: Who got next? While we don’t anticipate another Bey in this lifetime—or Michael Jackson, Prince, etc.—there will always be other special stars who break open new molds and are forces of nature in their own right.

Some current faves have more than a buzz factor—they also have raw talent and an intangible thing that’s a bit harder to put a finger on, a certain type of vibe. Add to that the fact that he or she also happens to be fine AF. We call this trifecta “the factor.” So how do you get on CASSIUS’ “‘Smokin’ Hot List”? First, you’ve got to be doing more than working, you’ve got to be hustling. You’re working and landing projects, booking shows and pushing for more. Next, that work has to be baseline dope. That television show you landed is saying something. The track you released is bumping in the club and in cars. Last, and not least, though it may sound shallow, you’ve gotta bring the sexy. Not necessarily that cliche ‘perfect’ celeb IG sexy—but a real-life sexy that moves real-life people.

Now that you know the how’s, check out the who’s. Here are the CASSIUS predictions for who is about to majorly blow in 2018. Damn, we know everything.

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