Happy 21st birthday to our favorite classic ’90s movie, Space Jam!

This movie gives us instant flashbacks to when Michael Jordan ruled the basketball court, Looney Tunes covered our clothes, and Lola Bunny stole our hearts. But when we look back at our childhood, Lola wasn’t the only cartoon bae we were crushing on.

There was also Roxanne, the sweet, smart, and loyal girl next door from A Goofy Movie who Max had his eye on for a minute. But we can’t forget all of our favorite cartoon baddies either, like Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. And we weren’t mad at all when Halle Berry —catsuit included— played Catwoman in the ’04 film.

Another one of our favorite cartoon baes was Patty Mayonnaise from Nickelodeon’s classic TV show Doug. This sweetheart broke everyone’s necks in Bluffington while simultaneously always standing up for what’s right.

From the comic book realm to the television and movie screens, check out some of Team CASSIUS’ faves.