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From music mogul to professional athlete to television and movie actor, there are not many things that Percy Miller, a.k.a. Master P hasn’t done in his entrepreneurial career. Now, it seems the New Orleans legend has his sights set on taking over the the cannabis industry. But he’s hitting some roadblocks.

According to TMZ, Master P is suing Privateer Holdings for reneging on a deal last March. Miller alleges that the private equity firm pulled out of an agreement that had the firm producing and distributing a Master P-branded line of marijuana. On his end, Miller was tasked with promoting the brand and covering half of production costs, and the product was supposed to be released in conjunction with a music festival where Miller was set to perform. The agreement fell through when Privateer Holdings pulled out.

Miller now thinks the firm had no intention to work with him, but instead used him and his knowledge of Black culture to gain an inside look at how African Americans participate in the cannabis industry. That accusation is the focus of the lawsuit, which seeks to recover more than  $25 million in lost profits.