Cassius Life Featured Video

DeWanda Wise is the kind of woman insecure men call a bitch, ambitious women call a boss, and friends just likely love to call. She knows her mind. She’s both free and calculated. Her vibe is a tad bewitching. I’ve been covering the entertainment beat for a long time, and it’s been a while since I’ve met an artist so convincingly certain of their ju ju—and I wasn’t the only one on set sipping the juice. She had the whole crew low-key glamoured.

Betting on DeWanda’s long-term success seems, well, wise. The Baltimore native is more concerned with storytelling than fame, and she’s 100 percent CASSIUS AF. Don’t believe me, just watch. DeWanda effortlessly runs down all of the things that she’s super unapologetic about in our interview below. Humble brag? Nope. Just real talk. Check out what she has to say.