Cassius November + December 2017
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Just what is a “hoe”? How many sexual partners would you need to have to qualify? And does the word have any place in 2017 anyway? When it comes to getting busy in 2017, have the rules of engagement really changed as much as it may seem? Are the double standards still, well, standard?

For the November/December edition of Group Think, CASSIUS gathered a few of our favorite fellas for a roundtable discussion about a few complicated (and controversial) subjects related to sex. Our own Jamilah Lemieux quizzes William Bryant Miles, comedian Grant Yanney and iOne video producer Rob Harriston about what is and what isn’t acceptable when it comes to hooking up and charges them with developing new rules for getting down. What these guys  have to say just may shock you. Check it you below.

Young woman kissing man while holding pie in bed at home

Source: Halfdark / Getty