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Portland Trail Blazers v Utah Jazz

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Not only did the Portland Trail Blazers take home the dub last night, but they helped a World War II veteran’s dream come true.

On November 3 Elmer Ballard, a vet who served as a radio operator in the US Marine Corps during the war and now lives in Portland appeared in a video on Twitter.

“My name is Elmer, I’m 93 years old, I’m a World War II veteran, and my greatest wish is to meet Damian Lillard,” he said in the video. So, the Vital Life Foundation made that wish happen a few months early.

As soon as Dame saw that tweet he retweeted it and simply said, “Let’s do it.”

Before the Blazers took on the Orlando Magic, Lillard took a break from his pre-game shoot around and work, to meet and shake Elmer’s hand. Media spoke to him after the meeting and Lillard was more than happy to make Elmer’s birthday wish come true.

“He’s seen things and heard things that I could never imagine. Things that I want no part of. Not just the respect that he has for me, but the respect that I have for him and what he’s gone through and been through. I feel it was only right that i meet him. I know it was cool for him to meet me, but it was really cool for me to meet him and his daughter,” Lillard said.

Lillard also balled out last night and scored 26 points in a 99-94 win over the Orlando Magic.

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