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Hollywood LeBron continues to build.

With some help from teammate Dwyane Wade and Chance the Rapper, Bron Bron is creating a documentary series with football and basketball shows called MAGNIFY. In partnership with FOX Sports, the first  documentary set to air is 89 Blocks. The documentary is about an East St. Louis High school football team in an afflicted  community where there’s not much to do other than get into football. The team is a home away from home for the players and provides the team with a foundation —and the inspiration— for a better future.

“We live this struggle every damn day, but when we come out here, we forget about it all,” says coach Darren Sunkett on the reality of the area’s culture.

Maverick Carter, a member of LeBron’s “posse” who’s always at the King’s side to help with the squad’s investments, is an executive producer on the documentary as well.

We want to give deep insight into sports at all levels and bring the viewer inside the journey for an entirely new perspective. With ‘89 Blocks,’ we found a special story that needed to be told,” Carter told Fox Sports.

With the help of Sports Illustrated, the documentary is set to air on FOX on November 26.

The second feature, which is slated for a February 2018 release, Shot in the Dark is about a high school basketball team in Chicago. And that’s where Wade and Chance come in with the doc set in their hometown. The feature will follow Orr Academy’s star athletes Tyrone Greer and Marquise Pryor as they try to get the most out of the high school experience before they move onto higher education.

“Shot in the Dark is an authentic and realistic look at high school sports in Chicago and what it means for our youth.It’s not really a game for some of us,” said Chance.

Bron continues to dominate in the NBA, and Hollywood appears ready for him whenever he bows out.

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