Smiling Black brother and sister at dinner table

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‘Tis the season to squad up and get lit.

The holiday season is upon us and while some people may not be able to go home and spend time with family, there may be more opportunities to kick it with friends. If you’re interested in organizing your own Friendsgiving celebration at your crib this year, don’t stress. Here are several simple steps you need to keep in mind while you’re in planning mode.

Keep The Invite List Within Your Limits

While you might want to invite all of your friends from college or the neighborhood, and every one of your cousins, you gotta plan within your means. If you know your apartment can only fit 15 people comfortably, then taper your list to include the people whose presence really matters. No hard feelings, but you definitely want to make the space comfortable for your guests.

Get Your Menu Prepped For the Occasion

Along with your invite, make sure you include a collective spreadsheet for your guests where they can fill in what they’re bringing if you plan on hosting a potluck. Pumpkin pie is amazing, but nobody needs six of them. Another considerate host tip? Have everyone write down potential allergens (nuts, soy, dairy, etc.) that are included in their dishes.

Play to Your Strengths

As generous as you might be feeling this holiday season, if cooking isn’t your strong suit, don’t try to come out the gate offering to make the turkey. Just because you can’t stuff a bird doesn’t mean you can’t bring something good to the table. There are plenty of easy appetizers and sides that you can prepare and then you can flex on everybody. With a little research and a trip to the supermarket, you’ll be chef-ing it up in no time.

Invest in Disposable Plates and Cutlery

This one is self-explanatory. Ain’t nobody wanna be washing dishes ’til the sun comes up the day after the big event. Do yourself a favor and get some paper plates (or have a guest pick them up).

Have a Solid End Time

Guests don’t gotta go home, but they gotta get the hell out of your spot. Libations will be had at your place, but make sure the squad has a party or bar to head out to after they’re done stuffing their faces at your spot. And don’t forget to have a car or taxi service on lock so your guests aren’t drinking while driving or traveling.