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Traditional Christmas Duck Holiday Dinner

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Sit around all day, wait for the food to be ready, mingle with family you don’t like while you eat, and then fall victim to the tryptophan. That’s your typical Thanksgiving. But this year you can switch it up and do something different, whether it be a Home Alone themed hotel stay or a reality show themed party.

Here are a few things you can do around the country on Thanksgiving Day that are a bit out of the norm:

New York


After you wake up from your post-turkey slump, New Yorkers can partake in everyone’s favorite whodunit, Clue. Whether you’re there to join in on the game or just to chill, watch the movie and order something from the special brandy menu; there’s something for everyone.

Live Like Kevin

For all those filthy animals that are big fans of Home Alone 2, NYC’s Plaza Hotel will have a Live Like Kevin package where hotel goers will be a complete box set of all the films, a backpack, a limo tour, and fancy Hot Pockets and Lunchables. The hotel will also be hosting a Kevin McCallister look-alike contest on November 27. Hopefully the package doesn’t come with a Donald Trump cameo.


Thanksgiving Day Parade

New York isn’t the only place that knows how to throw a parade for the major holidays. Chi-Town’s McDonald’s Thanksgiving Day parade has some of the country’s best marching bands, and those giant balloons that everyone loves. As they do every year they’ll also be honoring a select few Chicago natives, and this year the honored guests include the Harlem Globetrotters. Oh, and… Twista?


Just because you’re not celebrating Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you can’t pig out on Thursday. Chicago’s annual  Christkindlmarket opened up on November 17 and won’t be closing until Christmas Eve. Inspired by Christkindlmarket in Nuremberg, Germany, the market chock full of German food you can’t cop anywhere else.


Half Marathon

Instead of going in on the carbs this Thanksgiving, you could always run a half marathon or a 5K instead. You can attend the post-race celebration or you can just head home and rock your race medal as you stuff your face with turkey.

Love & Hip Hop Thanksgiving Party

For those who will probably be eating leftovers while watching hours of reality TV, fans of the Love & Hip Hop series will get a chance to see some of their favorite stars up close. Atlanta’s Alibi will be throwing a Love & Hip Hop Thanksgiving Trap Vs. R&B Party. Plus, Mimi Faust will be the night’s host.

Los Angeles

Festival of Lights

If you’re looking for something to do on Black Friday —instead of shopping— L.A.’s got you covered with the nation’s largest holiday light show. The event features 5 million lights and over 200 animated figures. It’s safe to say it’s lit.

Holiday Time in PaleyLand

The Paley Center for Media, formerly the Museum of Television & Radio, will be transformed into a winter holiday wonderland.  You can enjoy a bunch of free snacks and even get a chance to rewatch some of your favorite classic movies. Best part? It’s free.