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Poster For 'Friday'

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When it comes to movies, there is nothing like a good ol’ “hood classic.” These highly revered staples of the Black community come in all shapes and sizes, and have varying degrees of success at the box office. But for the most part, we can agree that each one  represents a piece of our culture and foster connections in our communities.

Friday is one of those films.

The beloved 1995 comedy put a young Ice Cube and rising comedian Chris Tucker on the movie map. In the following sequels, Next Friday and Friday After Next, Tucker was out and Mike Epps was in, providing us with real-life laughter that still holds its replay value.

In a recent appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden , Ice Cube confirmed that the long awaited fourth installment of the Friday franchise is currently in the works.

“We’re working on one right now,” Cube said. “We’re gonna call it Last Friday.”

There wasn’t much said about the movie— like who’s going to be in it, or if we’re going to witness the return of Uncle Elroy’s girlfriend Cookie, but we thought of a couple things that we’d definitely want to see if this is truly going to be the Last Friday.

1 Day-Day and Smokey… TOGETHER.

As funny as Ice Cube’s character Craig was, it was his partners in crime that often stole the show. From Smokey’s monologue about Miss Parker to Day-Day’s battle with Baby D, the two kept Craig in trouble and kept us crying from laughter. At last note, Smokey was in rehab for his marijuana addiction in Next Friday, so how fire would it be to see Day-Day and Smokey combining their forces together on screen? One can only hope.

2 Pops and Uncle Elroy strike entrepreneurial gold.

At the end of Friday After Next, we last saw Pops Jones and his brother Uncle Elroy attaining some levels of success at their joint culinary venture, “Bros. BBQ.” With ribs “so good, you’ll want to smack your momma,” it’d be great to see the brothers take their restaurant to new heights and fame, if not for nothing else, to see how the two old men react to being filthy rich now. Let’s just hope they don’t have to act as reindeer again at the Christmas party. Maybe they can bring in Moly from the donut shop.

3 The girl who got away… or did she? 

Throughout the series, Craig found his fair share of female counterparts. They’ve often landed him in the thick of it, whether it was with one maniacal micro mini-pimp, or a trio of brothers with Dracos in tow. Either way, Craig always made sure he made it out with the girl. But out of all his interests, you could truly say that there was real love between Craig and Nia Long’s character, Debbie. There wasn’t much mention of what happened to her when Craig moved to Rancho Cucamonga, but maybe a reunion could be in the works. And whatever happened to Rita, the girl Debbie put onto Smokey? It’s been some time, and a lot of things could’ve changed.