Cassius Life Featured Video

Celebrating the artist’s carefree spirit, Reebok has announced the launch of its “3:AM” series— ongoing content and event activation partnerships that explore how various creatives thrive in different cities after dark.

“3:AM” has a completely different meaning to most creatives than to the average person. The perfect quiet hour, most find themselves focusing on their craft, searching for inspiration and birthing the seeds of new projects.

The series kicks off in gritty New York– the city that never sleeps.  Bringing that concept to fruition, Reebok and Foot Locker teamed up with two of the Big Apple’s most influential creatives— acclaimed Harlem Rapper and Reebok brand ambassador, Cam’ron and groundbreaking Bed Stuy-bred artist, Trevor “Trouble” Andrew.

Check out the teaser video above, chronicling Cam’ron and “Trouble” Andrew’s nighttime adventures. Viewers get a sneak peek into the minds of these artists, what fuels their ideas and what forthcoming projects they have in the works.

The “3:AM” partnership is set to run throughout 2018, with Atlanta scheduled as the next pit stop in the series. For more information and to follow the series, check out