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Bugatti Centodieci

Source: Bugatti / Bugatti

On August 16, 2019, Bugatti CEO President Stephan Winkelmann appeared at the Quail – A Motorsports Gathering in Pebble Beach, CA, to unveil the Centodieci, a true hypercar that boasted a 1600 hp, 8.0-liter W-16 engine. That amount of power under the hood can rocket it from a standstill to 62 mph in 2.4 seconds. However, no drivable models of the vehicle were yet available. Furthermore, all ten copies of the car that were slated to be produced had already been sold before the Pebble Beach presentation, despite carrying a hefty price tag of $11 million per car.

Now, two years since its initial announcement, we finally have the first look at the official prototype for the Centodieci (the Italian word for “one hundred ten,” a nod to the company’s 110th birthday at the time of the 2019 show), and early glimpses do not disappoint. “With a high-performance hyper sports car like the Centodieci, it’s a matter of filtering out subtleties based on the modified requirements of a completely new exterior – something that requires highly focused and intense development work,” said André Kullig, technical project manager at Bugatti, in a company press release last week.


According to president Stephan Winklemann, the car’s speed is electronically governed, and one can better enjoy a focus on handling and the driving experience instead of being specced out to the hilt.

“For this model, we restricted the maximum speed to 237 mph,” he told Automobile Magazine when the car was first announced. “It could, of course, go a lot faster, but with the Centodieci, we want to emphasize that Bugatti is not primarily about Vmax. Our priority is accessible, user-friendly, high performance, along with striking design and unrivaled quality. This model does, for instance, combine all the downforce you ever need during a flat-out autobahn journey with the extreme cooling power required in Middle East stop-and-go traffic.”

Bugatti Centodieci

Source: Bugatti / Bugatti

In another separate statement, Winklemann also pointed out its bright outer “communication paint finish in white, we’re demonstrating a powerful contrast with the La Voiture Noire – the black car just presented in March: two completely opposing yet related forces, like yin and yang.” For comparison, only one La Voiture Noire will be created, and it was similarly debuted at The Quail – a Motorsports Gathering in 2019. However, this particular Bugatti one-off has a staggering price point of $18.68 million, making it the most expensive car ever – and it is already presold, too.

Design director Achim Anscheidt said, “Our aim was to create a modern interpretation of the shape and technology of that time: but at the same time, we didn’t want to lose the charm and character of the [flagship] EB 110.”

Get a better look at the pricey whip in the gallery below

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Bugatti Centodieci
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