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Do your glasses fog up when you’re wearing a face mask? If so, these mask fitters are the answer to your face mask problems.

We’ll admit they’re not the most aesthetically pleasing — they remind us of a face brace or dog muzzle — but you can’t beat the $15 price or added layer of protection. As air seeps in and out from the sides and tops of our face masks, one option has been to double up and wear two. Folks have become creative in the search for another fix, however, which led one company to a definite solution that also happens to help visually-challenged.

“The first mask fitter designs, tested over the summer by researchers at the University of Wisconsin (Go Badgers!), were basically just bent pipe cleaners, covered in moldable tubing, tied to your face with string. They worked if you didn’t mind looking like a muzzled doberman,” Yahoo! notes. “Since then, a couple manufacturers have iterated their own mask fitter designs. One such company is Fix the Mask. Its mask braces are cut from rubber, which makes them pass as bonafide pieces of medical equipment, as opposed to the products of a suspect middle school science fair project.”

You can get two Fix The Mask braces for $30. Not bad right? See a photo below and let us know if you’re into ’em.