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Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson Is Honored With A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

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Two of the most creative, powerful names in entertainment are coming together to develop a new series for Netflix: Kenya Barris and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. According to Deadline’s latest news, the creator of the Black-ish series and Fiddy are working on a project that will adapt Jackson’s book The 50th Law for the streaming platform. As part of the rapper’s existing deal with the Starz network, the series will also be produced for them by Lionsgate TV as well.

Jackson’s semi-autobiographical work is a ten-chapter manual that covers his transition from a troubled childhood in Southside Queens, NYC, through his ascent towards stardom. Originally published in 2009, the book was co-authored by Robert Greene, whose own 1998 guide The 48 Laws of Power has been namechecked numerous times by hip- hop’s elite and was itself a key inspiration for 50’s work.

In a November 2009 interview with the Huffington Post, Greene said the following of Jackson and their work together: “Well, looking at him, I decided he had the quality of being fearless in almost every situation. So based on that, and my talks and research, we kind of crafted The 50th Law, which is basically the fears that you have in life, they keep you stuck in the same patterns… And we maintain in the book that this is kind of the ultimate law of power. I wrote a book called The 48 Laws Of Power, but if you’re not able to deal with your fears — and they come in many different forms — then knowing the 48 Laws won’t mean anything. So I’m calling this the ultimate law of power.”

Barris will be executive produce the project via the company Khalabo Ink Society, which is also working on the new Kid Cudi series Entergalactic. Jackson is going to handle his duties through his own company G-Unit Film & Television. The rapper has already proven his mettle from an executive producer’s seat with the huge success of Starz’s drama Power and the strong reviews for the ABC show For Life. Barris’ longtime creative partner Hale Rothstein will be a third executive producer on the deal and write the pilot script in collaboration with Jackson and Greene. Rothstein is most known for his recent work with Barris on his own semi-autobiographical “cringe comedy” series for Netflix, #blackAF.

No official dates have yet been given for when filming starts or the series’ release.