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The late rapper Tupac Shakur could have been in 'Menace II Society' in 1993. But in a beef with director Allen Hughes, he was fired.


As you'll see in the photos we've gathered, Kayla's energy is unmatched and Travis Kelce is an extremely lucky man.

Aja Evans, an Olympic bobsledder who won a bronze medal in the 2014 Olympics has filed a lawsuit in New York.

Taylor Rooks traveled to Boulder, Colorado to talk to Deion Sanders the same way everyone else in the sports world has gravitated to the epicenter of the sports world recently

On Saturday, Sept. 16, LeMisha Grinstead took to Instagram to announce the devastating news that her younger sister and fellow member of ’90s R&B group 702, Irish Grinstead, has passed away at the age of 43. “It is with great sadness that I have to let you know that my beautiful sister and friend has […]

The long-running reality competition show 'Dancing with the Stars' is now in its 32nd season and has announced its new cast.

Pop singer Ariana Grande‘s aesthetic has been the subject of some controversy over the past few years. She has often been accused of “Blackfishing” and “Asianfishing,” but the “Everyday” singer has never publicly addressed that or anything else regarding work she’s had done to create her look—until now. In a video Grande recorded for Vogue, […]

The 'Steve Harvey Morning Show' experienced a week of turmoil when phone calls were leaked between longtime co-host Shirley Strawberry and her estranged husband Ernesto Williams.