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Handing doctor surgical tool in operating room

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Listen. Shout out to dads, but moms are incredible AF. We’re completely in awe over the story of a super brave mother who recently donated her uterus to her 21-year-old daughter (who was born without one) just so she could experience the magic that is childbirth.


First of all, this is f**king amazing. Second of all, we weren’t even entirely sure this was possible. The transplant—a generally tricky procedure that was led by Dr. Shailesh Puntambekar at Pune’s Galaxy Care Hospital—was the first of its kind to be executed in India.

“We are responsible for the patient and fulfilling their dreams of becoming a mother, which was impossible for them until now,” Puntambekar told CNN. “The procedure is difficult because multiple large arteries are to be joined there, and veins that are small and short. It is technically very tough.”

The surgery was said to be a success and the doctor says both mom and daughter are well. However, it will take some time before we know if pregnancy is possible.  “The patient will have to wait a year before trying to become pregnant through in-vitro fertilization (IVF), giving her body enough time to heal and adjust to the new uterus,” CNN explains.

A New York Times report from 2015 further puts things into perspective: “The recipients [of uterus transplants], healthy women, will face the risks of surgery and anti-rejection drugs for a transplant that they, unlike someone with heart or liver failure, do not need to save their lives. Their pregnancies will be considered high-risk, with fetuses exposed to anti-rejection drugs and developing inside a womb taken from a dead woman.”

Still, there’s no knocking how fascinating this is or how brave this mother and daughter are for giving the procedure a try. As Dr. Mats Brännström—a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Sweden’s University of Gothenburg told CNN—only six babies have ever been delivered from a uterus transplant. SIX. And two of those six were from the same mother.

Your momma might not have given you McDonald’s money on demand, but you never know just what she’d be willing to sacrifice to make your dreams come true. Here’s to hoping the family gets the baby joy they’re pining for.