Leading the charge in encouraging young men of color, with the goal of helping them to put their overall health and wellness first, CASSIUS’ 2018 Wellness Guide highlights game-changing nutritional, spiritual and physical regimens for Men’s Health Month and beyond. From the spirit men who will awaken your connection to divine energy, to the fitness gurus that will get you ripped, meet the pros who’ve created the blueprint for making this your best year yet.


Kevin Curry

Health Enthusiast & Founder, FitMenCook

Instagram: @fitmencook

Youtube: FitMenCook

Kevin’s highly recognized FitMenCook app (available in the Apple AppStore) launched May 2015 and debuted at #1 in over 82 countries and was the overall second most downloaded app of the week it went live. It offers hundreds of his healthy recipes, a personal weekly Meal Planner, calorie counter, automated grocery list and ready-to-go meal plans to facilitate healthy eating. The FitMenCook App was named an “App Store Best of 2015” and today remains one of the top three Food & Drink apps in the US and UK.  A contributor to The Today Show, Men’s Health, Bodybuilding.com and TRAIN magazine, Kevin is a brand ambassador and influencer for Kohl’s, Reebok and Nordic Track.


“Hollywood Hino” Ehikamenor

Professional Boxer & Personal Trainer

Instagram: hollywoodhino

Twitter: hollywoodhino

An accomplished professional boxer and personal trainer, Hino works with a star-studded roster of clients, including athletes, recording artists, actors and comedians. His renowned Hollywood Hino Training Camp (#HHTC) uses compound movements and light equipment to target every major muscle group, building cardiovascular fitness and increasing fat burning muscle. #HHTC has partnered with leading fitness brands including Nike, Everlast and Reebok.


Yolo Akili Robinson

Yoga Teacher, Author & Founder, BEAM

Twitter: YoloAkili

Yolo Akili Robinson is a writer, yoga teacher and the Executive Director and founder of BEAM. For over ten years, Yolo has been on the forefront of progressive wellness work. Alongside his counseling and training work, Yolo has written for numerous publications on wellness including the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Ebony, The Huffington Post and Everyday Feminism.

Dr. Michael Chan-Frazier, LPC,

SOULva Bar Specialist and Therapist

Dr. Chan-Frazier is a humanistically-oriented and intellectually-grounded psychotherapist with a proven record of success in working with diverse populations. He’s also a facilitator, SOULva bar specialist, author of the inspiring children’s book, TWIN POWERS and a Huffington Post blogger.


Mark “Mack” Brown

Personal Trainer & Founder, Bodies By Mack

Instagram: bodiesbymack1

Youtube: Bodies By Mack

Fitness trainer and owner of Bodies by Mack fitness studio in Elizabeth, N.J., Mark holds bootcamp-style classes as well as one-on-one customized personal training sessions. A former Judo welterweight competitor for over 25 years, brands such as Reebok, Ebony.com and Yahoo.com have tapped him for his expertise.


Tim Grae

Massage Therapist & Founder, Grae Therapy

Instagram: graetheraphy

Massage therapist Tim Grae married his former career in the nightlife industry with his love of wellness to form The Sweat Party— the first fitness, music and dance party in New York City. Healing his clients through massage for over 10 years, his company Grae Therapy is the first minority-owned mobile spa, specializing in therapeutic treatments including Thai Massage, Sports Massage and Reflexology.