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Last month, California-based clothing retailer PacSun teamed up with YouTube celebrity Emma Chamberlain to kick off its 2021 Spring Brand Campaign, prioritizing conversations about self-reflection, mental health, and optimism. The brand’s press release says the season’s new line of clothing is meant to reflect everything positive about “the PacSun label, to speak to the spirit and energy of 2021 and a new chapter.” And to continue in that vein, PacSun invites fans with a penchant for design to be a part of their Spring ‘21 Design Competition.

From March 11 through March 18, PacSun is teaming up with HYPEBEAST and encourages you to submit your own original T-shirt design, which should “interpret the collection themes — which include mindfulness, community, self-reflection, sustainability, diversity and inclusion” —  but with your own twist on them. Five of the contestants’ designs will make it to a final round, as judged by Chinatown Market‘s founder Mike Cherman and HYPEBEAST.

After the finalists are revealed on March 19, followers of, HYPEBEAST Style, and HYPEBEAST Instagram will have until the end of the month to vote on which design ultimately becomes PacSun’s newest T-shirt and sold by the retailer. If your design makes it through to the final round and wins, then you’ll get to see your shirt in stores as well as get the opportunity for a 1-on-1 virtual session with Cherman.

To enter the contest, mock up your design on a digital white tee and email your creation to Also, make sure to watch the Instagram video above, and click on the link for the related contest legalese.

“Don’t forget, throughout this process… just to remember you’ve gotta be able to riff and have fun as you’re going,” reminds Cherman. “Good luck, guys. Get out there and get designing, [I’m] looking forward to seeing what you create.”