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Go hard or go home

Source: ljubaphoto / Getty

Remember when that model was caught Snapchatting a pic of a fellow gym member in order to make fun of that elderly woman’s naked body? Welp, she’s gonna have to answer for her Mean Girls-esque behavior in court.

Last July, Dani Mathers posted a Snap of the 70-year-old woman with the caption, “if I can’t unsee this, then you can’t either.” USA Today reports that a Los Angeles judge has denied 30-year-old Mather’s request to have the misdemeanor invasion of privacy charged against her dropped.

In California, it’s illegal to photograph someone without their permission if they can be recognized in the photo. Mathers’ lawyer argued that the victim could not be easily identified and that the case should be dismissed. No dice.

The former Playboy “Playmate of the Year” is scheduled to appear in court on May 26.

Imagine spending years building a career based on being “beautiful,” only to make headlines for doing something downright ugly. Sad!