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Travel arrangements. PTO. Wish lists that don’t quite align with your budget. Sure, family time is great, but for many of us, the holidays are a huge pain in the ass.

Have a bookworm in your life? Great! To smooth things out a bit, we’ve put together a short list of last-minute gift ideas that won’t entirely break your bank. From Toni Morrison’s latest work to the Blackest stationary items you can possibly imagine, here are nine bookish stocking stuffers the bookworm in your life is sure to appreciate.

1 The Origin of Others, Toni Morrison, $14.74,

The legendary novelist’s latest reflection on race, fear and borders is slim, thought-provoking, and the perfect size for stocking stuffing.

2 I’m with the Banned Mug, $14.00,

For the literary activist fighting for intellectual freedom.

3 James Baldwin Spiral Notebook, $12.00,

Gift the bookworm slash aspiring writer in your life with a notebook that’s sure to spark brilliance.

4 BLACKtivist Coaster Set, $40.00,

This Black-ass coaster set features the faces of some of the most prominent women activists in Black history.

5 Black Lives Matter Notepad, $5.00,

A must-have for anyone who likes to keep track on-the-go while making a vital statement.

6 Between the World and Me, Ta-Nehisi Coates, $16.71,

When the newfound Coates fan in your life is done reading We Were Eight Years in Power, they’ll undoubtedly be ready to dive into the renowned author’s previous (and pocketable) gem.

7“Black History Is World History” Tote, $20.84,

The history buff you love surely needs something to carry all those revolutionary texts in.

8 Justice Greeting Cards, $2.40,

Send a thoughtful message while uplifting the names of Black lives lost at the hands of police brutality.

9 Monthly Book Subscription, Prices Vary

Remember our list of book subscriptions to sign up for this weekend? This is where they come in handy.

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