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Colorful Store Shelves

Source: EricFerguson / Getty

A metro Detroit dollar store is facing backlash after customer complaints about some grisly figurines with very racial undertones.

The figurines in question, which have since been removed from the store’s shelves, were being sold at Lincoln Park’s Super Dollar Center. They depicted an armored white cherub standing on the head of… wait for it… a horned Black cherub’s head.

While Detroit’s WXYZ has pointed out that it “appears” to portray Archangel Michael defeating Satan, breh… Why’d Satan have to be Black?

That’s precisely what customer Reniqa G wanted to know, stating that “if they wanted to portray a message they could have been the same color.”

“To me it’s almost like Blacks are inferior,” she continued.

Important to note that the figurines were only removed upon the arrival of WXYZ’s crew, who says the figurines were still on display when they visited the store on Tuesday. As it turns out, a customer had reportedly taken photos of the figurines and called the store to request they get rid of them a minute ago.

Oh, and here’s the clincher: the store owner claimed they intended to remove the figurines a week prior, but things “got busy with the holidays.”

Sure, Jan. But it sure as hell didn’t take you long to handle it when the news cameras showed up. 💅🏾💅🏾💅🏾

Watch the live report below.