Supreme Yashica 35mm Film Camera

Source: Supreme / Supreme

Supreme always unveils some interesting accessories every year with its lookbooks, like this year’s Sea-Doo Spark Trixx, a mini-fridge, and an Akai MPC Live II for lovers of the boom-bap. Well, now you can capture your memories with the reusable Supreme x Yashica MF-1 camera.

What initially began as a quirky Kickstarter project in 2019, the plastic point-and-shoot camera is really a relaunched item by a previously defunct Japanese company, and it was marketed as “the forgotten journey of a timeless art.”

Apparently, Supreme forgot how bad the journey was the first time around, though. On top of the fact that the enclosure is plasticky and flimsy and photo quality begins to fade after approximately 60 feet, professional reviewers gave it a spin and came away disappointed with its performance versus other cameras in its class as well. One photog even went as far as calling it “absolute garbage” and “perhaps the objectively worst camera I’ve ever used.”

Nevertheless, it will probably retail for $60, which is what it initially sold for in 2019, but no official price has been given.

You can visit a Supreme store or shop online to get the Supreme x Yashica MF-1 in either black or red, and you might want to snag a few quickly, before inventory runs out. If the interwebs are any indication, getting your own might not come at such “absolute garbage prices” when it’s all done.