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As if the coronavirus vaccine hasn’t caused enough controversy, Krispy Kreme has found itself in the middle.

Krispy Kreme, one of the most famous doughnut companies globally, made a noble attempt to get Americans to take the vaccine, as many are apprehensive. To do it, the brand offered anyone who got the shot a free donut just by showing their vaccine card.

“We’d like to show our sweet support to those who have received the COVID-19 Vaccine. Starting today, bring your COVID-19 Vaccine Card to a Krispy Kreme shop near you and receive 1 FREE Original Glazed doughnut! Haven’t had a chance to get a Vaccine? This offer will run through the end of 2021,” read the caption of an Instagram post from a week ago.

But now, people have found an issue with the offering because it’s supposedly discriminatory against those who refuse to get the shot, and it promotes obesity which is one of the comorbidities of coronavirus. However, others say that the offering is being blown out of proportion.

Krispy Kreme is aware that getting the vaccine is a very personal choice, adding, “We advise all employees and guests to consult with their healthcare provider regarding whether to obtain a COVID-19 vaccination and which vaccine to receive after reviewing the available information. If you have made the personal decision to not receive the COVID vaccine, please visit us on Mondays, 3/29/21 – 5/24/21, to receive a free Original Glazed® doughnut and a medium brewed coffee to get your week off to a good start.”

However, the CEO has heard the backlash of how eating donuts can lead to obesity and spoke to Yahoo Finance about it.

“We’re a sweet treat company, [and] if folks don’t want to visit a donut shop, they don’t have to,” CEO Mike Tattersfield said defending the brand, added that if “folks that want to get a vaccine, if they decide to combine a Krispy Kreme pickup [for] a doughnut, they can. That’s how we look at it…. generosity.”

At the end of the day, it’s just a donut.