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Dr. Umar Johnson is the self-proclaimed Prince of Pan-Africanism, who once said queer people are a “conspiracy” to control the population. He argued “single Black mothers” psychologically castrate their sons. He claimed light-skinned Black people aren’t really Black. Umar’s rants are often filled with calling other Black folks coons and dirty ni****s. His ridiculous comments are endless, but another controversial aspect of Umar is his so-called psychology license.

Rumor had it that Umar did not have a psychology license, which he reportedly does. However, what’s in question are the credentials he used to obtain the license. Atlanta Black Star reports, “Dr. Umar Johnson has reportedly been called to stand trial before the Pennsylvania State Board of Psychology amid concerns over his credentials as a psychologist.” Umar went on a social media rant — the worst place to defend yourself when you are about to go to court — saying that the “white man” is trying to take away his license. See below:

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"Sometimes I ask myself why did I start this campaign, I'm ready to return all the donations and move to Afrika, in an effort to give our boys a school they deserve I've had countless coons consistently harass white people in the power structure until they've decided to strip me of my credentials, arrest my fund, and audit me. Hundreds of phone calls to my degree granting institutions harassing them about my credentials, the same questions over & over again on every radio show, countless social network jokes & campaigns to diminish the credibility of the one man Black parents can count on to assist for free with saving their children from the mental health & mis-education systems, this is the thanks I get for helping to save a generation of Black boys. On top of all the betrayals I've had my own father join in on the fun. This Kwanzaa tour will be my farewell conscious community tour for a while. I'm taking a break from social network as well. I need to take care of me now. I will keep pushing for the school until my detractors successfully kill that campaign also. Whether we succeed or fail just know that my intentions were honorable, and I tried my best, this is another victory for the mentally enslaved…."

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Atlanta Black Star got more details, “A notice from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania obtained by Atlanta Black Star accuses Johnson of presenting himself as a psychologist without the proper credentials, indicating that he’s never held an authorization to practice a profession/occupation from the state’s psychology board. Moreover, the notice states that Johnson doesn’t have a proper license to practice as a psychologist in the state.” Johnson will to prove he is a certified psych professional and “faces civil penalties of about $10,000 for each alleged violation and could even incur the costs of an investigation into the matter, according to the notice warning of possible disciplinary action.”

Well, Mr. Johnson, if you have the proper credentials then clearly you have nothing to worry about — or maybe queer people aren’t the conspiracy, you and your theories might be the conspiracy. Nonetheless, some people are supporting Umar, like political rapper Killer Mike, who posted his support on IG:


Twitter has been dragging Umar.

If Umar is proven to be a liar and has to pay $10,000 for each violation, don’t worry, he is currently on a “farewell tour,” cashing in on all of his hateful rhetoric.

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