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Rihanna Calls for an End to Gun Violence

Rihanna is calling for an end to gun violence following the death of her 21-year-old cousin, Tavon Kaiseen Alleyne. “RIP cousin… can’t believe it was just last night that I held you in my arms!” she tweeted Tuesday. “Never thought that would be the last time I felt the warmth in your body!!! Love you always man! 😢🙏🏿❤ #endgunviolence”

According to The Guardian, police have launched an investigation into the incident.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s Flight to Nowhere

Imagine: You’re four hours into a flight to Tokyo that you’ve been looking forward to for weeks, only to be turned around and sent back to your initial destination because someone wasn’t supposed to be on your plane. That’s what happened to Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, and while we can’t imagine we would have been so calm, both seemed to be in good spirits and made light of the situation. Couldn’t be us!

Azealia Banks Apologizes to Beyoncé (Not That Bey Was Bothered Anyway)

Azealia Banks has apologized to Beyoncé for blaspheming Lemonade and claiming she “sold her soul.” Can’t imagine Beyoncé was all too phased to begin with, but you know, it’s nice to see her taking responsibility for her actions or whatever… we guess.

“@Beyonce, I apologize for throwing tantrums in the past,” Banks wrote on Instagram. “They totally came from a place of feeling left out.. you’ve inspired so much of the way I think about/value you myself as a performer and I ADORE you. Your presence in the art world and on earth is supernatural and am so so so inspired by you.”

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