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Alabama GOP Senate Candidate Roy Moore Holds Campaign Event In Fairhope, Alabama

Source: Scott Olson / Getty

Well, looks like someone wasn’t given the “sore loser” talk in elementary school.

Former Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore isn’t just refusing to concede—he also filed a lawsuit Wednesday night about the outcome of the state’s election. He claims he did not win due to “systematic voter fraud.”

Moore’s lawyers wrote that if the election is prematurely certified, he will “suffer irreparable harm” and “denied his full right as a candidate to a fair election.”

Moore lost December 12th to fill Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Senate seat to Doug Jones after a highly publicized road to the ballot. During the campaign, Moore faced accusations of sexual harassment and misconduct from from several women who came forward with stories of how he preyed on them when they were in their teens and him in his 30s. The Republican National Committee originally withdrew its support of Moore, but the party funded his campaign again after President Donald Trump officially endorsed him. No surprises there.

Moore’s court filing cites Jefferson County specifically, saying turnout was “suspiciously high,” and suggesting Jones benefited from voter intimidation and Moore’s opponents spread “lies and fraudulent misrepresentations.” Maybe Jefferson County wasn’t trying to have an alleged pedophile in senate representing them, but hey, that’s just our take.

Even so, Jones, a civil rights advocate and former prosecutor, won the race by 20,000 votes and became Alabama’s first Democratic senator in 25 years. The certification for the Alabama special election is scheduled for 2 p.m. on Thursday.

Thankfully, John H. Merrill, Alabama secretary of state, has dismissed the complaints of election fraud. Merrill, who voted for Moore, said he had “not seen any irregularities or any inconsistencies that are outside the norm.”