The 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards as seen on TBS.

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“YOU AIN’T LOW, JUSTIN,” Says the Internet.

“Justin Timberlake is rebranding as a white man” is probably the best headline we’ve read all day. While many rejoiced at the  announcement of the Grammy award-winning crooner’s return, #TeamJanet isn’t here for what’s being dubbed as his MileyCyrus(TM) scheme. And whether or not you revoked his honorary invite to the BBQ when he All-Lives-Matter’d Jesse Williams’ rousing 2016 BET Awards speech (and we get it if you didn’t, because Justified is still a damn good album, tbh—shouts to Pharrell), the conversation surrounding what appears to be some sort of back-to-basics slash return-to-true-form definitely raises some salient points to think about, especially since his rise to fame is owed largely to his pandering to Black music and culture.

Beyoncé Is Headlining Coachella This Year, Just As She Promised She Would.

So we can all stop whining about how she had to cancel last year’s headlining set while pregnant with Sir and Rumi (some of y’all really don’t give AF). Also headlining will be The Weeknd and Eminem. Oh, and we also were blessed with the lineup for Governor’s Ball, where N.E.R.D. is slated to play. Assuming we’re all still alive to experience either, festival season is gonna be hella lit.

Anthony Davis’ Dunk on Ron Baker Proved to Be Injurious.

We’re wishing a speedy recovery for Baker, who reportedly sustained a left orbital fracture while being dunked on by the Pelicans forward on Saturday. According to the New York Daily News, the second-year guard is currently having a mask fitted for his face. He was also inactive for Tuesday night’s game against San Antonio at the the Garden.

One Last Thing: ‘Grown-ish’ Premieres on Freeform Today, and You Better Be Watching…

Because Yara Shahidi is a national treasure. If you can’t tune in when it airs at 8/7c, you can also catch the show when it pops up on Hulu on Thursday. See? Grown-ish is for the people, y’all.

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