Cassius "Sounds Of The Time" Graphic Horizontal

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New music and new artists emerge everyday. Within a 24-hour span, any number of hits appear in our music libraries, on cellphones, and streaming sites. Social media outlets are now even launching pads for indie musicians and serve as the home-base for music’s bonafide stars. How can we navigate it all? Team CASSIUS got you covered.

“Sounds of the Time” is our daily dose of the new and unexplored music you should check out. Here you will find the who’s who in music—from the hottest stars in the game to the rising acts you’ll discover here first. It’s our way of letting you know what Team CASSIUS is listening to nowadays.

How can we navigate it all? Team CASSIUS got you covered.

And as always, if you think there’s an artist or group out there we should check out, let us know. Whether it’s the music you bump on your after-work commute or the joint you play to get your weekend started, take a listen to the first edition of CASSIUS’ “Sounds Of The Time Series: The First Take.”